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FabAfriq Magazine issue 6 NOW OUT:Something Special

Last year, we promised to bring you much more exciting content and to talk about people making news. Well, we have picked on one of your all time favourite...
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10 Most Powerful Men In Africa 2014 – Forbes

“10 Most Powerful Men In Africa” which it says distinguishes and celebrates the accomplishments of Africa’s most outstanding male game changers.
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FabAfriq Magazine Launched in Cameroon: Glamour Et Al

It is official! UK Based African lifestyle magazine has arrived in Cameroon.
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Sheria Launched Sipec- A Networking Event For Entrepreneurs

Sherai is an events planner who masters the art of networking. With thier expertise in this field they attract the best team of professionals to work together to create Clients’ events.
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​ Ecobank Wins the Corporate Awards' Employer of Choice!

Congratulations Ecobank Cameroon! It has proven once again to be “employees' choice”.
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MTN, Cameroon Campus Career Day, Better Breed Cameroon, University of Buea,Monique Kwachou

Telecommunications giant MTN is the latest sponsor of the Cameroon Career Day.
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​Ethiopian Airlines Cameroon celebrates the First Flight of Twelve (12) Cameroonian Trainee Cabin Crew!

ET Airlines, Cameroonian Cabin Crew, Trainee, 7Othe Anniversary

ET recruited 42 Cameroonian Trainee cabin crew staff, of which 12 started the training 4 months ago. As the mother company celebrates its 70th anniversary at Bole International Airport, the entire team in Douala Cameroon joined them in this celebration, but also in the celebration of first flight of these young cabin crew staff.
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This inaugural edition of the New African Woman Awards is set to be one of the most prestigious, globally dedicated to recognising the achievements of African women.
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"Forum des Blogueurs" Première édition 2015: impulser la création & le développement de l'écriture en ligne.

Collectif des Blogueurs Camerounais, Camer Bloggers Hangout, Bloggers Forum

Ces dernières années, on a pu observer que l'activité du blogging comme moyen d'expression au sein des communautés camerounaises ne connait pas une reussite exponentielle.
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"Nairobi X " , the first African video game designed in Kenya

The first African video-game "Nairobi X" was launched last June in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the fruit of the imagination of a young man of 27 years, Andrew Kaggia .
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"Tori" - Brand New Pidgin Application on Google App Store

"Tori", Google App Store, Application

Experience social media in Pidgin-English with "Tori", the brand new application on Google App Store
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In a continuing commitment to provide financial services to emerging market SMEs, Africa’s leading FinTech company, Ovamba, has created a new product for businesses called “Growth-As-A-Service® (GaaS).
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Global Visionary Women Network” 2nd Global Convention”

The great success of the 2nd global convention of the GVWN marks the beginning of a new and better leadership system. Women should and should be allowed to take the lead!
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Abidjan acceuille la 4eme édition du sommet sur le leadership féminin en entreprise

Le leadership féminin ne se résume pas seulement aux femmes. Il concerne aussi les hommes. Dans le monde d'aujourd'hui, de plus en plus d'hommes sont encore des mentors. Nous devons donc créer un environnement inclusif où les hommes se sentiraient à l'aise pour travailler et encourager le développement des femmes et des jeunes filles à atteindre leur plein potentiel.
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Abuja Will Host The Next Edition of The Tozali African Fashion and Cultural Week This September 2017.

Hosted by Ramsey Nouah, excitement builds towards the upcoming Tozali African Fashion and Cultural Week in Abuja.
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Investir au Cameroun:l’engagement du CAIC

investissement, Cameroun, économie, Joël Minteu, Joël Minteu Carter, CAIC, Conseil en Affaires et Investissements au Cameroun, consulting, cabinet, conseil, immobilier, bonnes affaires, investissement, achat, terrain, Emerging Market Research Group, EMRG, Réseau d’experts des marchés émergents

Alors qu’est ce qui justifie l’engouement vers un investissement dans l’achat de terrain? Le CAIC est une plateforme d’échange novatrice portée par Joël Minteu Carter, un jeune Camerounais qui jouit d’une expérience éprouvée dans le domaine des affaires et de l’investissement.
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Addis Ababa Starts the First Light-Rail in Saharan Africa

Ethiopian Airlines makes Ethiopia the proud owner of one if not the best air line in Africa. Being the first to have a light-rail in sub-Saharan Africa is definitely increasing Ethiopia's ranking as far as development is concerned.
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African professional and Business Networking at Solar Venue London

FabAfriq Magazine launch London

Now, it’s your turn to bring your innovative ideas on board and also gain valuable information. This event will bring together African professionals
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Alenne Menget: Talks About Cameroon Cinema With US Embassy Yaounde

Alenne Menget is one of the few people who have constantly been uplifting Cameroon's flag in the national and international scenario. On June 29, Cameroonian freelance journalist and filmmaker Alenne Menget visited the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde, where he was welcomed by Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II.
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An Enjoyable and Stress-Free Celebration of Love with the Ecobank Cameroon Gold Card.

Make purchases online/offline immediately, for later payment within their credit line.
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Aschenti Cocoa : Des Cabosses de Cacao camerounais à Manitoba

Aschenti Cocoa, l’entreprise spécialisée dans la fabrication artisanale du chocolat camerounais vient d’ouvrir ses portes à l’avenue Corydon à Winnipeg.
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Béjaia Film Laboratoire 2016

Une Bourse d'aide à l’écriture (le prix des Ateliers sauvages, Hafid Tamzali) et une Bourse d'aide à la finition (le prix Mouny Berrah)

Pour leurs 14èmes édition, les Rencontres Cinématographiques de Bejaia instituent, dans le cadre du "Béjaia Film Laboratoire, une Bourse d'aide à l’écriture (le prix des Ateliers sauvages, Hafid Tamzali) et une Bourse d'aide à la finition (le prix Mouny Berrah),
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Kick Start Your Modelling Career With BelleB Models

BelleB Models is run by experienced trainers with international experitse

Breaking News!!! BelleB Models, opens a branch in Cameroon. This is a casting call to young and aspiring models to join a team of professional models scouts.
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Bold and Beautiful Cameroonian Ladies (BBCL) Meet Up

Bringing together young, dynamic, ambitious and professional Cameroonian ladies who have been very active worldwide in promoting their business activities on social media.
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Cameroonian Bloggers Come Together to Organize First Edition of Bloggers' Forum

Bloggers' Forum, Camer Bloggers Hangout, Collectif des Blogueurs Camerounais,

Bloggers' forum is an opportunity spearheaded by some influential bloggers, who are active members of “Camer Bloggers Hangout” and the “Collectif des Blogueurs Camerounais”.
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Cameroonian Business Woman Viola Llewellyn Hits the Headlines of Forbes Afrique

Forbes Afrique, Viola Llewellyn, Ovamba Inc. Fintech Solutions, SMEs, Douala, CEMAC Zones, Marvin Cole

The French review of Forbes Afrique highlights the professional background and career of Viola, pointing out her successes and the crash of the former financial institution in which she made her first steps in the financial world. This prompted her to stand on her own feet, leading to the creation of Ovamba Solutions.
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Dine and Dance with CAMFU at their Black Tie Dinner Gala

CAMFU, Kettering Conference Center UK, Dinner Gala

With the objective to commemorate and celebrate with its members and guests, CAMFU will be hosting a glamorous and exciting gala party to bring their members and communities together.
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Carol Hondonga, Talent Acquisition Director for GE Healthcare Joins the Corporate Awards Board of Directors

Carol Jondonga, GE Healthcare, The Corporate Awards,

Carol Hondonga, the Talent Acquisition Director for GE Healthcare in the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan and Africa has joined the HR based awards, The Corporate Awards as a Board Member.
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Celebrated Artist-Baiyee Takem

Art is like gambling

From the tribal perspectives, people who carved for royal families and people who did the dresses for rituals were very close to royalty as such these people were looked upon with great respect. They were considered to be were better than hunters because
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Célébrez votre Sainte -Valentin agréablement et sans stress avec votre Carte Ecobank Cameroun Gold.

Faites des achats en ligne et hors ligne immédiatement, avec un délai de paiement dans les limites de votre ligne de crédit.
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Chris Addy-Nayo, Project Manager, Center for African Studies Discuss Developing the Cultural Sector in the ECOWAS Countries

CeCast, ACPCultures+, EU-ECOWAS Partnership Agreement,

The key recommendations from the conference include the need for Governments in West Africa to prioritize the culture and creative arts sector in national budgets. In addition countries in the region need to support the promotion of quality standards in the arts & culture sector to gain access to arts markets in the EU and other countries.
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Corporate Awards 2016 – Votez pour votre meilleure entreprise !

Les entreprises sélectionnées à s’ériger en organisations qui offrent les meilleures possibilités de développement à leurs employés ainsi que des services de qualité aux clients et à la communauté.
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Corporate Awards 2016! Cast your Vote and let your voice be heard!

After an online poll and a survey, some companies in Cameroon were nominated by their audience to take part in the different categories of The Corporate Awards.
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Déjà 1 an que les produits SIMAD ont été introduits sur le marché camerounais

SIMAD, produits de nettoyage

Première société camerounaise spécialisée dans la production des produits de nettoyage en général et d’hygiène en particulier, SIMAD se propose d’améliorer les conditions et la qualité de vie des Camerounais en mettant à leur disposition une gamme variée de produits.
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Diplôme pour faire des tresses: atteinte à la culture africaine ou régulation des normes?

Licence, Tresses, Coiffeuses, Législation, Régulation, Etats-Unis, Réforme

Au Etats-Unis, de nouvelles législations ont été mises sur pied pour réguler ce secteur d'activité. Une formation longue et onéreuse doit être suivi pour l'obtention d'une licence permettant de coiffer ou de faire des tresses en toute légalité.
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Votre Chaîne De Télévision A Un An Et Ca Se Fête

DRTV, chaîne de télévision, 3 novembre, concert, fête, un an, 8 novembre, cocktail, Yaoundé, Cameroun, 14 novembre

la DRTV, chaîne de télévision basée à Yaoundé, dédiée à la promotion de la culture Africaine en générale et camerounaise en particulier, vous invite à la célébration de ses un an d’existence dans l’univers de l’audio-visuel Camerounais.
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EAGLE KENYA recrute un Officier Financier du Réseau – Inspecteur du système financier et de la comptabilité

Eagle Kenya, Officier Financier du Réseau,

Le réseau EAGLE opère dans 8 pays Africains, menant des actions visant l’application et le respect de la législation relative à la faune
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Ecobank : pionnier de la banque Digitale

Ecobank : pionnier de la banque Digitale

En innovant avec son service digital, Ecobank a mis sur pied sur le continent une offre adaptée aux besoins et aux réalités des Africains.
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Ecobank Day 2019 - Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases

Together for Better Health, Ecobank Day

Government efforts, especially in our country, focuses more on communicable disease prevention, control and treatment. Ecobank therefore thought it wise to lay some emphasis on this other type of diseases to complement government efforts. Such actions have been motivated by the fact that people go through considerable stress on a daily basis, due to job, family and other multiple stress factors which expose them to NCDs.
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Ecobank Group Honored in Nominations for the Most Prestigious Banking Institutions in Africa 2019

Ecobank Group, Banking Institution

The objective of The African Banker Awards is to recognize the contributions of 400 personalities and banks leading in the rapidly growing and transforming the financial sector in Africa.
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Ethiopian Airlines to Mark March 8 with All Women Operated Flight

Ethiopian Airlines will mark the International Women’s Day, March 8, with an All-Women Operated Flight dispatched on the Addis Ababa – Kigali route.
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Ethiopia Airlines operated an all women flight within Africa .

Africa’s largest airline group: Ethiopian Airlines, has for the first time operated an all women flight in Africa.
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Ethiopian Airline Malawian Female Pilot Makes First Successful Flight as a Command Captain

Malawian Female Pilot, Ethiopian Airline, Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Captain Yolanda Kaunda became Malawian Airlines first female captain on the Bombardier Q400 aircraft after completing her training at EAA.
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Ethiopian Airlines Cameroon Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Top bloggers!

The Bloggers Hangout, organised by ET Cameroon PR team was held at the ET main office in Douala with more than 12 bloggers in attendance. It was a great opportunity for us to share our history in detail, giving them more insight information to help them to get to know the company better. We presented our company from 1964 till date, emphasizing on our core services and our vision for the future.
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Ethiopian Airlines Group is Inaugurating its new Aviation Academy

2025 strategic road map, Ethiopian Airlines Group, Aviation Academy, Aviation Maintenance Training School, Commercial and Leadership block,

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest and most profitable airline in Africa, is continuously expanding rapidly in the development of most departments. Ethiopian Airlines Group has invested USD 100 million in breakthrough expansion and upgrading its Aviation Academy.
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Ethiopian Airlines Gets Another Recognition:Best Airline to and in Africa

Ethiopian really stands out! this new recognition and appreciation of Ethiopian airline's activities is simply a glaring point that its doing a good job. Et has again been voted as the best airline to and in Africa.
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Ethiopian Becomes Africa’s First A350 Full-Flight Simulator Operator

Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, remarked: “The introduction of the A350XWB Full-Flight Simulator is a continuation of our pioneering role in African aviation Technology.
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Ethiopian to Co-Host Airport Infrastructures & MRO Aviation (AIMA) Meetings Africa

MRO Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines (AIMA),

Ethiopian will co-host the Airport Infrastructures & MRO Aviation (AIMA) Meetings in Addis Ababa, from 22 to 24 September 2015.
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Ethiopian Airlines voted as Best African Cargo Airline of the Year Award

Ethiopian Airlines, Best African Cargo of the Year Award

“Once again the air cargo industry has proven that innovation and customer service go hand in hand with efficient and secure global supply chains. “Ethiopian Airlines is a worthy winner of this award, as recognised by peer group professionals who voted in recognition of its valuable contribution to African air cargo
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Ethiopian Won the Best International Airline of the year by Business Executive Excellence Awards

Business Executive Excellence Awards, Ethiopian Airlines, Best International Airline of the year Accra, Ghana,

The Business Excellence Awards celebrates institutions that demonstrate excellence in leadership, performance and success with a significant impact to Ghana’s economic growth. Ethiopian has been giving uninterrupted services to Ghana for the past 55 years and is currently serving Accra daily using the state of the art Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
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Exciting New Funding Opportunities for the Cocoa Industry from Ovamba

Funding Opportunities, Cocoa Industry, Ovamba, “Growth-As-A-Service”,

Ovamba offers “Growth-As-A-Service”® to businesses in Cameroon: dedicated support and funding to businesses which experience high demand but cannot easily supply that demand due to lack of capital and timing of that much needed capital.
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Get our first copy free of charge!

Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012

Get our first issue free of charge! Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012!
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FabAfriq annonce la première édition du Corporate Awards

« Célébrons les meilleurs de la sphère entrepreneuriale camerounaise! Des structures qui promeuvent le changement, l’innovation, qui créent des modèles et fournissent une plateforme favorable à l’excellence. »
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FabAfriq Awarded A Certificate of Recognition At the Cameroon Leadership Academy 2015

Certificate of Recognition, Cameroon Leadership Academy 2015, Go Ahead Africa, Eneo Human Resources Training Center, Ombe, Cameroon, Eneo,Community and Business Leaders,

Unleash the leadership potential in dynamic young leaders.
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Sparkling New!!! Fab Issue 8 is out. Sure You Will Want to be The First to Grab a Copy

When or how to talk Alcohol to children is never an easy task. Describing the beauty of Africa in a very simple but interesting way is what our editors did for you. Grab your copy for the latest fab issue and get more inspiring articles on lifestyle, parenting, cuisine, tourism, health and so much more.
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FabAfriq Magazine CEO and PR Guru Adeline Sede Kamga Set to Speak at the EPBWN Conference, Abidjan

Adeline Sede K the CEO of FabAfriq Magazine and a PR practitioner for over seven years is one of this year's speakers at the EXPAT Professional and Business Women's Network Abidjan. The conference which will take place on October 29th, 2018 at the INADES Formation Cocody from 8:30 am to 12:30pm under the theme, "Overcoming Self Doubt" is a forum for women to breakthrough self doubt and attain their full potential.
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FabAfriq magazine: Exclusive Launch Party @ Meridien Hotel

As we hand out our Black, Red and Gold invitation cards, the silent Wows from our potential VIP guests say one thing "I WILL BE THERE". It is a fact, FabAfriq Magazine is taking over an d we are pleased to say
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FabAfriq PR et AG Partners annoncent les Corporate Awards Gabon 2017

« Célébrons les meilleurs de la sphère entrepreneuriale Africaine! Des structures qui distillent le changement, l’innovation, qui créent des modèles et fournissent une plateforme favorable à l’excellence. »
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Founder and Chief Strategist of 3XG UK Consulting Ltd. Abah Ofon, Joins the Corporate Awards Board of Directors

Abah Ofon, 3XG UK Consulting Ltd, The Corporate Awards,

​The Founder and Chief Strategist of the 3XG UK Consulting Firm, Mr Abah Ofon is now a member of the Corporate Awards Board. Mr Ofon has over 21 years’experience in macroeconomics, commodities, trade and research in financial markets in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
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How to become #TOEWay Certified: 12 Tips in Leadership

Nigerian Billionaire Tony Elumelu Gives Practical Lessons On Leadership
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Interview With Olatorera: CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com

After being featured by international media like Forbes , FABAFRIQ MAGAZINE has today the privilege to interview the CEO of Dress Me Outlet, Mrs Olatorera Oniru, an accomplished entrepreneur and a development speaker.
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M. Joel-Eric Missainhoun rejoint l'équipe des Corporate Awards

The Corporate Awards Côte d'Ivoire 2018

Les Corporate Awards sont heureux de vous annoncer la venue de M. Joel-Eric MISSAINHOUN
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Journée Ecobank 2019, ensemble pour une meilleure santé

#JournéeEcobank19; #EcobankDay19, Maladies non-transmissibles

L’objectif principal est de montrer que nous valorisons tous les membres de la communauté dans laquelle nous opérons et de les remercier pour leur confiance dans notre agenda panafricain. Chaque année, nous choisissons un domaine et nous engageons des actions sociales ciblées et efficaces dans le seul but d’impacter les communautés. Cette année nous nous sommes focalisés sur la lutte contre les maladies non transmissibles (MNT) en mettant l’accent sur le CANCER. tous les membres de la communauté dans laquelle nous opérons et de les remercier pour leur confiance dans notre agenda panafricain. Chaque année, nous choisissons un domaine et nous engageons des actions sociales ciblées et efficaces dans le seul but d’impacter les communautés. Cette année nous nous sommes focalisés sur la lutte contre les maladies non transmissibles (MNT) en mettant l’accent sur le CANCER.
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Keep an eye on Imanuel Orwi Ameh

Catch up on his progress!

I haven’t ruled out pursuing a career in that field, but International development for me is a job, acting isn’t. Acting is my passion. I am an actor!” Upon graduating from Coventry University last year in July, Imanuel auditioned for ...
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L’Université de Johannesburg décerne un Doctorat Honoris Causa à Esther Mahlangu

"Esther Mahlangu est lapreuve vivante que les systèmes de savoir africains authentiques peuvent être articulés de manière significative et durable.
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L'ambuscade d'or de Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, Gold Ambush; L'ambuscade d'or, jeu mobile,

Son dernier projet en date, un jeu mobile, Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart met en vedette son épouse Eniko, ainsi que ses enfants Heaven et Hendrix comme personnages.
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BelleBmodels lance ses activités au Cameroun

BelleBmodels, agence de mode de classe mondiale lance ses activités au Cameroun.Une occasion pour les jeunes et les futurs mannequins de développer leurs talents
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London Born Ghanaian Entrepreneur Launches World’s First Global African-Owned Stationery Company

Christopher Osei-Frimpong, Ghana, Ghanaian, Entrepreneur, World's First Global African Stationery Company,

After visiting Ghana in 2014, Chris embraced the culture and core values of Ghanaians and Africans as a whole in the world of business and enterprise. He had an “Aha Moment” during his visit that would change his life which led him to start up a stationery business called A4Africa, which stands for “Africans for Africa''.
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Ludovic Biyong :Une Nouvelle Vision Du Cameroun

Ludovic Biyong a développé un concept novateur, la promesse d’un avenir meilleur pour les jeunes Camerounais.
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MEGA CAREER/EDUCATION FAIR 1st EDITION 2015: “Unlock your future”

Invest In Africa LTD (IIA),Self-help Resource Centre (SHREC-CIG), BelleB Models agency, Education, Entrepreneurship

An open day in which Educational Institutions and organizations will be given the opportunity to show-case their products and services, targeting young Cameroonians aged 18+
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FIFA Give's Lionel Messi a 4 Match Ban for swearing at Referee

FIFA's recent 4 match ban on Lionel Messi is a big blow on the five times world best player.
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Ovamba Solutions, Inc. and Microsoft have partnered to develop and produce the first African language driven “chat-bot” designed to serve the millions of African SMEs who face exclusion from Financial Services due to the challenges of functional and business literacy. The Chat-Bot was conceived, designed and created by Ovamba and Microsoft and will be rolled out via Ovamba’s mobile app, ‘Ovamba Plus’.
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MTN et ECOBANK Cameroun pour le Développement de l’économie Numérique en Afrique

Inclusion Financière: Les filiales camerounaises de La Banque Panafricaine Ecobank et du géant de la téléphonie mobile MTN signent un protocole d'accord afin de promouvoir l’économie numérique et l’inclusion financière.
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NESTLÉ CAMEROUN célèbre 50 ans autour de la création de valeur partagée

Nestlé, NESTLÉ, Maggi, création de valeur partagée, NIDO, 26 juin, vendredi 26 juin 2015, CWAR, Cameroun, Central and West Africa Region, Douala, Cameroun, Bonaberi, nutrition, santé, bien-être, fortification, PIDMA, durabilité, durabilité environnementale, conformité, droits de l’Homme, qualité, sécurité, santé et sécurité au travail, développement rural

Déjà 50 ans que le géant suisse Nestlé est installé au Cameroun. À cette occasion, la société a organisé un atelier dans son usine de Douala Bonaberi le vendredi 26 juin 2015.
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Viola Llewellyn to Join other Great African Women Leaders at the NAW Forum

Through different speaking and community engagements, Viola has been able to inspire and impact lives. During the NAW forum, Viola will be speaking on Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment: Access to Finance panel.
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New Exclusive Study on Cultural Training Courses in African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries

Cultural Project Management Skills, Marketing Artistic Evenets, Creative Sector, Training Opportunities, ACP Countries, FileMakerPro, Excel format

Would you like to strengthen your cultural project management skills? Do you want to increase your skills in marketing artistic events? Are you keen to find out more about the range of training opportunities in the creative sector? What are the best practices, issues and challenges faced by the cultural training sector in ACP countries?
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Nollywood & African Film Critics' Awards (NAFCA)

An insight of how Dr Victor runs things at Nollywood & African Film Critics' Awards;

From time to time you might get a pleasant surprise where you have a supporting actor overshadowing a leading actor in a film. Such example was Susan Peters in Busting Out. Finally the film critics vote on a sub- list to create the master list of published nominees that you see on the NAFCA official website.
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President Obama Visited The First Ethiopian B787 Dreamliner Dubbed "Africa First"

US president H.E. President Barack H. Obama along with US Government Senators and House of Representatives paid a visit to Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Airline in Africa, during the president’s three days official Visit to Ethiopia, 26 to 28 July 2015.
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Offre d'emploi - Directeur des Systèmes d'Informations, GECA Prospective Afrique de l'Ouest

Offre d'emploi, GECA, Directeur des Systèmes d'Informations,

Le GECA recrute un Directeur des Systèmes d’Informations.
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Offre d'emploi UNESCO: Directeur Division des Politiques Scientifiques et du Renforcement des Capacités

L'UNESCO recrute un Directeur de la division des politiques scientifiques et du renforcement des capacités.
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Ovamba met en exergue les défis majeurs rencontrés par les PME en Afrique

Ovamba, PME, Afrique, Croissances des entreprises, Investissements, Financement, Economie Africaine

La plate-forme Ovamba, créée pour soutenir l'économie africaine a été en mesure de décrire les problèmes rencontrés par les PME.
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Ovamba Launches New Website

Ovamba FinTech Funding SME Financing

Ovamba's new website is pretty exciting! New Layout, Quick Links, easily navigable and a lot more.
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Ovamba to discuss P2P Lending Technology at Homestrings Investors Series Webinars

Ovamba, P2P Lending Technology, Homestring Investors Series Webinars, SMEs, Marvin Cole, Viola Llewlyn

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are critical for the economic and social development of nations in Africa. However, a lack of access to financing has hindered the growth and scale of SMEs in the region. In more developed nations, SMEs are major contributors to the GDP and play a critical role in the nation’s employment.
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Get The Lifestyle You Deserve With Real Hair By Clara

Dreams Come True

Real Hair by Clara operates via a great network of consultants who can be anyone wanting to earn money by simply referring products to others. “It is a truly revolutionary concept,”
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Ethiopian Airlines Is Recruiting: Bilingual Trainee Cabin Crew, Douala Cameroon

Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success. And it attributes this success to its workforce. Take advantage of this prospect and the satisfaction of working from a land of 13 months of Sunshine. Ethiopian welcomes you yet again to join its team in achieving its vision of becoming Africa's World Class Airline
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Seed Project Sénégal, partenaire à la quatrième édition du programme The Corporate Awards 2019 -Dakar

Seed Project, Senegal, The Corporate Awards, Dakar 2019

En accompagnant FabAfriq PR, SEED apporte son soutien à la promotion du programme The Corporate Awards sur l’étendu du continent africain et le Sénégal en particulier.
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“This is a win-win situation for all sides”, said Du Qiang, Vice President from Beijing Capital
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FabAfriq Magazine presents FabAfriq Fashion Show & Expo Boutique

In the last few years, the quest for African-inspired prints has increased and have featured in many high street clothing ranges. On the 21st of July, more than 30 African-inspired designers will be showcasing their work and guests will have the opportunity to purchase clothes, shoes, jewellery, gifts, stationery and homeware.
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FabAfriq Announces First Corporate Awards In Cameroon

Event, Reward, Recognition, Celebrate,

Recognizing and celebrating high-achievers in the Cameroon Corporate world! organisations who exude positive change, innovation, create role models and provide a platform for people to excel should be [promoted!.
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The Corporate Awards Abidjan 2018 - Reconnaître et célébrer les entreprises qui visent l'excellence en Cote d'Ivoire !

Emmanuel Forsong :"Nous les invitons par la même occasion à ne pas s’asseoir sur leurs lauriers, mais à établir des plateformes pour partager et échanger avec d’autres entreprises les raisons de leurs succès afin que tous en bénéficient. Pour demeurer sur la voie de l’excellence, nous ne devons pas ralentir le rythme de nos efforts".

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The Corporate Awards dévoile les membres de son conseil d’administration

The Corporate Awards, Conseil d'Administration

Doté d’une forte équipe d’érudits, les membres du conseil d’administration proviennent de divers horizons et sont calqués d’expériences diversifiées et multiformes. Leur valeur dans le monde entrepreneurial ainsi que leur capacité à identifier et reconnaître l'excellence dans toutes ses formes, ont été et continue d’être d’un grand apport pour le programme The Corporate Awards.
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Job Opening: The MM Patcha Foundation Is Recruiting a Program Officer in Douala, Cameroon

Job opening, Recruitment, Job Opportunity, Program Officer

The Patcha Foundation is recruiting a Program Officer (PO)
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The World Economic Forum has Awarded Ethiopian Airlines the Global Growth Company of 2015 Certificate

Certificate of Global Growth Company of 2015, Economic Forum, Corporate Global Citizenship

Ethiopian is among the 132 of the world most dynamic and high-growth companies which were nominated based on their strength and potential to become global economic leaders.
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The event will run concurrently at Exhibition Pavilion area 11 for the outlined three days. In addition to showcasing fashion, this will be a unique opportunity to showcase artist, up and coming makeup artists, hair stylists, accessory makers and elegant runway models.
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UK Nollywood Screen Acting Masterclass by Nelson Spyk

A great opportunity for selected applicants to learn acting techniques and be awarded a training certificate.
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UM signs agreement with Africa's largest airline

Ethiopian and The University of Mississippi Sign an Agreement
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Viola Llewellyn To Deliver Keynote Speech At The KPMG Diversity Summit

KPMG Diversity Summit, Viola Llewellyn, Ovamba Solutions, Viola Llewellyn, Luxemburg,

Viola will be speaking about her experience as the co-founder of Ovamba and how she implements diversity in her organisation. The line-up of accomplished and insightful speakers will discuss how diversity within organizations is a driver for innovation and profitability, both in Luxembourg and beyond.
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Viola Llewellyn to host Webinar: “Out of Africa, A Global Fintech Revolution”

Viola Llewellyn, Akin Sawyer, Gerald Rasugu, Ovamba, Global Fintech Revolution, Webinar

With regards to the FinTech revolution in Africa, we have to look at the growth of Continental African start-ups. This burgeoning group are innovating in both product and servicing areas to address the gaps left by traditional financial service institutions.
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Viola Llewellyn TO Speak At Women Of The Future Summit, UK: “HARNESSING THE POWER OF COLLABORATION”

“COLLABORATION” an evolving value relevant to the next generation of female leaders.
Join Viola Llewellyn in the next women of future submit to discuss and elaborate on this important tool for molding feature leaders.
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Viola Llewellyn, In the News Again

Viola Llewellyn, Ovamba Solutions, Wilton Park Conference in 2015, Buckingham Palace UK, SMEs, Fintech Industry

As a leader, Viola leads by example, a leadership style which has made her a role model both internationally and within her operational communities.
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​Celebrating the Rise of FinTech and the Role of Women in the Development of Modern Banking.

Over the past few months, Viola has been invited to more than 20 high profile events as a keynote speaker. With the current need to attract more women into the STEM Sector, it is no doubt that there is a need to tap into the experience of industry experts and role models. Viola will be speaking on "Women in FinTech & How FinTech is changing the World".
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Women in Leadership Summit Set to Launch its Mentor-Mentee Network

Potential mentees see this as a unique opportunity to gain from a reservoir of knowledge, and be stirred up to influence their space
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XL AFRICA à la rescousse des meilleures start-ups africaines

La Banque mondiale vient de lancer le programme XL AFRICA, une assistance technique destinée à encadrer les meilleures start-ups en Afrique Sub-Saharienne.
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Cover Page Boy FabAfriq Magasine Yaya Touré Named African Footballer of the Year

Toure also made the Fifa shortlist for the 2014 Ballon D'Or prize in October and is now winning the title for the fourth time.
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