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FabAfriq Magazine issue 6 NOW OUT:Something Special

Last year, we promised to bring you much more exciting content and to talk about people making news. Well, we have picked on one of your all time favourite...
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CULTURES ET TERRES D AFRIQUE : Sur les routes de l’Ouest Cameroun

Tel un guide du voyageur, a travers les époques, le lecteur aventureux s’invite sur une terre silencieusement célèbre du vieux continent
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Ethiopian Airlines: Launches Medical Packages

Ethiopian Airlines approves 25% discount on airfare for patients and one attendant
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FabAfriq Magazine Launched in Cameroon: Glamour Et Al

It is official! UK Based African lifestyle magazine has arrived in Cameroon.
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Every Angle View of the New Limbe Stadium

Take a tour through this article and see all the beauty of this new pride
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Ethiopian Airlines Sponsors Mount Cameroon Race of Hope 2014

Moments at Mt. Cameroon Race of Hope 2014

Moments of Mount Cameroon Race of Hope 2014
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African Luxury - Safari with Style!

Let us create a scenario; you have not taken a vacation in over a year, not seen your
closest friends in such a long time. They have children, busy schedules both at work and at
home, and time, it has always been an issue, and so the story goes
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Travel Tips: Maximize Your Budget To Enjoy An Idyllic African Adventure

Do you dream of exploring the delightful sights that Africa has to offer? You’re not alone as a recent Travelzoo survey has revealed that the continent is the location of choice for Chinese tourists, which is great news as they are reportedly the world’s highest tourism spenders.
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​Ethiopian Airlines Cameroon celebrates the First Flight of Twelve (12) Cameroonian Trainee Cabin Crew!

ET Airlines, Cameroonian Cabin Crew, Trainee, 7Othe Anniversary

ET recruited 42 Cameroonian Trainee cabin crew staff, of which 12 started the training 4 months ago. As the mother company celebrates its 70th anniversary at Bole International Airport, the entire team in Douala Cameroon joined them in this celebration, but also in the celebration of first flight of these young cabin crew staff.
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​Fadumo Dayib : sera t'elle la future présidente somalienne ?

Fadumo Dayib, élections présidentielles, Somali, Kenya, Fadumo, femme présidente, Afrique

Fadumo Dayib, la première femme à se déclarer Candidate aux élections présidentielles en Somalie.
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​Leading African Media Moguls Join Forces To Release The “Housewives & Girlfriends” TV Series

The “Housewives & Girlfriends” TV Series, Rhoda Wilson, Nelson Spyk, Africa Magic television,

Set in London, Housewives & Girlfriends will take viewers on an exhilarating televisual ride through a tangled web of relationships caught up in the prism of money, culture, ambition, love, passion and jealousy.
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​The Widest Suspension Bridge in the Guinness Book of Records

Bridge, River Nile, Guinness Book of Records

Africa’s longest river- the Nile, has just witnessed a touch of modernity: a new suspension bridge.
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Enjoy with ET! 2000 Bonus Miles from Cameroon ( DLA & YAO) to any Ethiopian Airlines Destinations

Ethiopian flies to more countries in Africa than any other airline, along with more destinations spread across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
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Better Breed Cameroon "Relaunches"2016 Sama Randy Youth Write Competition

Better Breed, Cameroon, Sama randy Youth Write Competition, Undergraduate Students, Higher Institutions

This year’s essay competition challenges undergraduate students of all higher institutions of Cameroon to ponder on the extent to which entrepreneurship would assure a brighter future for Cameroon.
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Afric’Beauty Expo 2016

Afric’Beauty Expo is the ideal meeting place for the beauty industry in Africa
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« Africa is Music », le carnet des voyages de Samuel Nja Kwa

Africa is Music, Editions DUTA, Samuel Ewane Nja Kwa

Samuel Nja Kwa nous raconte ses expériences et ses anecdotes avec les plus grandes figures de la musique africaine. Une découverte pour lui, mais également une découverte à travers lui des talents africains, de l’africanité des sonorités contemporaines du continent et de la diaspora.
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AFRICA ROCKS: The Best Looks from AFROPUNK 2015

Africa, Afropunk Festival 2015, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

This is Afropunk 2015.
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Africa Tourism Solutions Sénégal, partenaire officiel de la quatrième édition The Corporate Awards 2019 -Dakar

Africa Tourism Solutions, Sénégal, Dakar, The Corporate Awards 2019

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que ATS se joint à FabAfriq PR pour organiser le programme The Corporate Awards Dakar 2019 qui se tiendra le 22 Novembre 2019 au Radisson Blu Dakar Sea Plazza.
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African Drinks and Cocktails, Delights to Enjoy your Meals and Snacks

African Drinks, African Cocktails

Africanising cocktails by blending and mixing them with African ingredients and herbs. Here is our top five recipes of African cocktails, easy to do, very delicious and tasty.
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African Pride Night: When Anticipation is Higher Than Ever!!!

African Pride Night, Shelby Delva Agency

Founded in 2012 by the cultural promoter, Josiane Kamani in homage to her daughter, Shelby Delva Agency is a major actor of reception in Cameroun, thanks to a strategy centered on excellence and service.
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Grace Jones Performance Held the Audience Spellbound

​Afropunk Festival 2015, Grace Jones, Afropunk Community, Body Paint, Culture, Music

Grace Jones took the stage in a body paint reminiscent of the original body paint art that Keith Haring painted on her decades ago.
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Africa’s First Ethiopian Airbus A350 XWB scheduled to touch down in Douala

Aircraft, Airbus, A350, Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian, Africa, Technology,

Gearing up to Receive Africa’s First Ethiopian AirBus A350 XWB in Douala, Cameroon
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Ethiopian 1st Airline in Africa to Receive Airbus A350XWB and 1st in the World to fly it in African Skies

Aviation, AirBus, Ethiopian Airline, Star Alliance,

Ethiopian is actually the 1st Airline in the world to fly Airbus A350XWB in African skies
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Ale Myz “The Prelude” Extended Play (EP)

“The Prelude” is a compilation of 6 songs composed and performed by Ale Myz, A US-based Cameroonian singer/songwriter. This EP introduces a New Diva into the Cameroon music scene, with a unique style and brand of music.
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In 2013 she was asked to be the official DJ of the Ambassadors’ Inaugural Ball, a black-tie tribute to U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.
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Appealing Beach Resorts in East Africa: Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa, Kenya, Constance Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius, Ibo Island Lodge, Quirimba, Mozambique, Hotel South Beach Resort Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

East Africa as we noticed that this region of the continent is endowed with beautiful, attractive and appealing seaside resorts.
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Aubameyang Crowned African Footballer of the Year 2015

Aubameyang, African Footballer of The Year 2015, Milan, Dijon, Lille, Monaco, Saint-Etienne, Borussia Dortmund, Attacker, Winger

After four years of reign in West Africa, the African Footballer of the Year goes back to Central Africa thanks to Gabonese striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
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Camer Bloggers meet Founder and CEO of Ratu International Festival

Camer Bloggers, Ratu International Festival, Ratu Erma Olierhoek, FabAfriq Magazine, Ratu Team, BelleB Model Agency,

The new media moguls decided to hang out with Ratu Erma Olierhoek to have an insight of the Ratu International Festival, Fashion, Movie and Music
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Les Centres Commerciaux les Plus en Vue en Afrique.

Centres Commerciaux, Mall, Marchés, Produit locaux, Attractivité, Enseignes commerciales,Divertissement, Restauration, Emplois, Sous-emploi, Afrique

Le continent regorge désormais de grandes surfaces commerciales en termes de produits mais aussi en termes de surface.
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Chris Addy-Nayo, Project Manager, Center for African Studies Discuss Developing the Cultural Sector in the ECOWAS Countries

CeCast, ACPCultures+, EU-ECOWAS Partnership Agreement,

The key recommendations from the conference include the need for Governments in West Africa to prioritize the culture and creative arts sector in national budgets. In addition countries in the region need to support the promotion of quality standards in the arts & culture sector to gain access to arts markets in the EU and other countries.
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Cynthia & Angel, Apex Clothings to Showcase at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

Using the best available resources to design exceptional pieces bringing out the best form of extreme feminism. Clothing made from the finest of Italian fabric, Egyptian cotton, floral print, wool and cashmere.
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Dangote et Bill Gates ensemble contre la malnutrition

Dangote, Bill Gates, Nigéria, malnutrition, lutte, 100 millions de dollars, agriculture

Dans le cadre de l’aide au développement, Dangote et Bill Gates ont décidé de s’allier dans la lutte contre la malnutrition au Nigéria.
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Découverte : les îles saintes de la Guadeloupe

Beaucoup plus à l’écart de l’agitation touristique que sa voisine, Terre-de-Bas n’en demeure pas moins exceptionnelle. Petite par la taille mais grande par sa diversité, l’île a conservé toute son authenticité.
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France: Démission de Christiane Taubira du Ministère de la Justice

France, démission, Christiane Taubira, Ministère de la Justice

Signifiant son désaccord total avec la mesure sur la déchéance de nationalité, Christiane Taubira, la Ministre française de la Justice a présenté mercredi sa démission.
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2ème édition Douala Art Fair, évènement artistique de l'année

Douala Art Fair, Diane Audrey Ngako, Viviane Maghela, Lise Toya, Omenkart

Le projet Doaula Art Fair vise à créer des opportunités pour les artistes afin que ceux-ci puissent gagner en visibilité, avoir accès à des résidences, du mécénat et bien entendu vendre leurs œuvres.
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Eating Attiéké the Modern Way: Attiéké, Tomato Salad and Grilled Chicken Recipe

Attiéké, Kédjénou, Sauce, Stew, Vegetables, Cassava, Terra-cotta pot, Couscoussier, Chicken, Guinea hen

Attiéké is a side dish made out of fermented cassava that has been grated or granulated served with Kedjénou, a spicy stew that is traditionaly slow-cooked in a sealed canari (terra-cotta pot) over fire or coals and prepared with chicken or guinea hen and vegetables
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Ecobank Cameroun ‘Planting today. Protecting tomorrow’

Ecobank Cameroon was at Lycée Bilingue Mabanda- Bonaberi to plant its first tree in a series of trees to be planted between now and the 5th of June.
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ET to Launch Flights to New York

Ethiopian suspended flights to Newark in 2004 to provide nonstop service from Washington to Addis Ababa, with connections to its network in East, Central and Southern Africa. Ethiopian’s network will once again provide a vital link between New York and Africa with this new service.
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Ethiopian Airline Malawian Female Pilot Makes First Successful Flight as a Command Captain

Malawian Female Pilot, Ethiopian Airline, Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Captain Yolanda Kaunda became Malawian Airlines first female captain on the Bombardier Q400 aircraft after completing her training at EAA.
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Ethiopian Airline Launches Shopping Tour Package to Manila

A shopping tour package that will help encourage the trader market segment to test the new route.
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Ethiopian Takes Delivery of 9th B787, Dubbed “Great Wall of China”

Ethiopian, an aircraft technology leader in Africa, was the first outside Japan to receive the ultramodern aircraft back in August 2012 and currently operates the largest 787 fleet in the continent.
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Ethiopian Airlines Cameroon Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Top bloggers!

The Bloggers Hangout, organised by ET Cameroon PR team was held at the ET main office in Douala with more than 12 bloggers in attendance. It was a great opportunity for us to share our history in detail, giving them more insight information to help them to get to know the company better. We presented our company from 1964 till date, emphasizing on our core services and our vision for the future.
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Ethiopian Airlines Group is Inaugurating its new Aviation Academy

2025 strategic road map, Ethiopian Airlines Group, Aviation Academy, Aviation Maintenance Training School, Commercial and Leadership block,

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest and most profitable airline in Africa, is continuously expanding rapidly in the development of most departments. Ethiopian Airlines Group has invested USD 100 million in breakthrough expansion and upgrading its Aviation Academy.
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Ethiopian Airlines lance de nouveaux vols vers Séoul, Corée du Sud, Manille et les Philippines

De nouveaux vols vers Séoul - Corée du Sud, Manille et Philippines
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Ethiopian Airlines Launches New Flights in Manila and Philippines

New flights to Manila - Philippines starting July 9, 2015.
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Ethiopian Airlines Launches Flights to/from Yaoundé

Ethiopian Airlines, Yaoundé, Cameroon

New ET flights to/from Yaoundé
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ET Releases Photo of Airbus A350 XWB - How it's Made!

ET, Ethiopian Airlines, Photo, Airbus A350 XWB

Photo release-How it's made. the Airbus A350 XWB
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Ethiopian and Airbus conducts Test Flight of Airbus A350

Ethiopian Airlines, Airbus A350 XWB,

As part of its ongoing fleet expansion and modernisation strategy, Ethiopian Airlines has ordered a fleet of 14 of the all-new mid-size long range A350-900s which mark the carrier’s first ever Airbus purchase.
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Ethiopian Airlines Gets Another Recognition:Best Airline to and in Africa

Ethiopian really stands out! this new recognition and appreciation of Ethiopian airline's activities is simply a glaring point that its doing a good job. Et has again been voted as the best airline to and in Africa.
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Ethiopian Becomes Africa’s First A350 Full-Flight Simulator Operator

Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, remarked: “The introduction of the A350XWB Full-Flight Simulator is a continuation of our pioneering role in African aviation Technology.
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Ethiopian to Co-Host Airport Infrastructures & MRO Aviation (AIMA) Meetings Africa

MRO Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines (AIMA),

Ethiopian will co-host the Airport Infrastructures & MRO Aviation (AIMA) Meetings in Addis Ababa, from 22 to 24 September 2015.
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Ethiopian to Start Flights to Istanbul

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is the fastest growing Airline in Africa. In its seven decades of operations, Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success.
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Ethiopian Airlines Voted Best Airlines In Africa By Passenger Choice

Ethiopian Airlines Cameroon

Ethiopian airlines wins apex passenger choice award
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Tourism:Dream Comes True, Discover Africa With Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Holidays offer tourists an opportunity to discover Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. Ethiopian Airlines, has partnered with major tour companies, hotels, private accommodations, attraction centers etc to offer travelers a unique experience
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Aviation! ET Starts Flights to Durban

Ethiopian Airlines started its new services to Durban yesterday, December 16, 2015. Durban is ET’s third destination in South Africa after Johannesburg and Cape Town.
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Get our first copy free of charge!

Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012

Get our first issue free of charge! Offer ends on the 31st of January 2012!
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FabAfriq "Trailblazer" Issue 7 all Trendy, Empowering, Inspiring and Motivational

Issue 7 is here, not only to inform you, but to make you travel without a craft. Get your copy now and let empowerment, inspiration and motivation be your guide
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FabAfriq magazine: Exclusive Launch Party @ Meridien Hotel

As we hand out our Black, Red and Gold invitation cards, the silent Wows from our potential VIP guests say one thing "I WILL BE THERE". It is a fact, FabAfriq Magazine is taking over an d we are pleased to say
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FabAfriq, Media Partner for Africa Fashion WeeK Nigeria

FabAfriq, Media Partner, African Fashion Week Nigeria

FabAfriq is a media partner for the prestigious and exciting Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016.
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FabAfriq Turns Fabulous 5!!

“Our objective is to challenge and dispel the stereotypes and myths about Africa and people of black origin, showing the world there is much more to our beautiful continent and people than meets the eye.” – Adeline Sede Kamga
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Fashion Cities Africa, 1st Major UK exhibition Opens at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

This exhibition will focus on the style choices of individual ‘fashion agents’ from each city; from designers and stylists to photographers and bloggers.
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Fashion Designer Innocente Messy Launches S/S17 Lookbook - Africa Is Not A Country

Innocente Messy, S/S17 Lookbook, Africa Is Not A Country

AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY explores this in a fun, bright and edgy ready to wear collection with a hint of sportswear, through a red and
black sequin fabric giving the collection an alluring sparkle.
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“Housewives & Girlfriends” TV Series was Released Across Africa by Africa Magic

Housewifes & Girlfriends, Africa Magic, TV series, UK

Housewives & Girlfriends was released across Africa on October 16th 2015 via Africa Magic television. I is an African entertainment uniquely tailored for Africa by African.
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Hit Antananarivo Streets with "Gazkar", the 100% Malgasy Video Game

Madagascar, Antananarivo, video game, Malgasy, Gazkar

With the first racing games made in Madagascar, the big island tackles the gigantic market dominated by china japan and the United States.
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Grammy Awards: Et un de plus pour Angélique Kidjo

Angélique Kidjo, Grammy Awards, musique, Afrique, orchestre philharmonique, Luxembourg.

Pour la troisième fois, Angélique Kidjo décroche un Grammy.
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Guinness Cameroon S.A; Diageo group, Mount Cameroon Race of Hope

Guinness Cameroon S.A. is a part of the Diageo group, producers of some of the most prestigious beers and spirit brands in the world and believes in being a good corporate and social responsible company with campaigns around Responsible Drinking, Water projects and of course the Race of Hope.
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ICONICITY FASHION : Designed For The Modern Woman

Iconicity will be in every fashionistas wardrobe and in everyone’s hearts.
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Il se cache dans le moteur d’une voiture pour traverser les frontieres.

Mercedes, Espagne, moteur, guinéenne, crise, Maroc, Ceuta, clandestins, Afrique, Libye

Deux guinéens voulant se rendre en Espagne, se cachent dans le capot d’une Mercedes.
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KADJI SQUARE, Nouveau Supermarché dans la Ville de Douala

Un nouveau supermarché dans la métrople économique
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La manifestation contre Beyoncé aura-t-elle lieu....

Beyoncé, New York, Super Bowl, Formation, Michael Brown, Black Panthers, #BoycottBeyonce

Révoltés par la prestation de Beyoncé lors du Super Bowl, qui y a interprété son dernier opus Formation, de nombreux Américains appellent à manifester ce mardi 16 février en signe de boycott.
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Mixologie ou la grande cuisine des cocktails

Mixologie, Mixologiste, Cocktail, alcool,

La différence entre un barman et un mixologiste est que le mixologiste a fait une formation spécialisée soit dans une école hôtelière ou un institut à cet effet. Il ne serait donc pas présomptueux d'établir cette différence d'avec un simple employé de bar.
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Lanre Lagos, Vivian Bennet to showcase at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

Lanre Lagos, Vivian Benet, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria

Embarked on a journey of style and class, and be challenged with traditional fashion rules and styles to fit and flatter every body shape.
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Le Luxor African Film Festival démarre en toute beauté

LAFF, Luxor African Film Festival, Festival du film africain de Louxor, Temple de la Reine Hatchepsout, Louxor, le Nil

Le Festival du film africain de Louxor (LAFF) s’ouvre par une ballade sur les rives du Nil.
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​Protection de l’environnement et développement durable ! Le nouveau numéro de FabAfriq vous parle…

FabAfriq Magazine Issue 8, Pollution, Développement durable, Changements climatiques, Eco-Fashion, Mode éco

Pollutions, déforestation, changements climatiques… tous ses conséquences resultant de la fabrication, de la transformation et du traitement des textiles font l'objet du nouveau numéro de FabAfriq Magazine....
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Legendary Johnny Hallyday Dies after Battling with Cancer

Lung cancer, Johnny Hallyday, Rock Star, French music

Last spring after going through a series of examination, it was confirmed that he was suffering from respiratory failure with alarming signs of deterioration. It was with great disappointment that his family learned all hope was lost, the rock legend had only a few days to live.
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Les directeurs de festivals se rencontrent à la faveur du Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF)

Luxor African Film Festival, Azza El Hosseini, SeigoTono, ShortShorts festival, prix Fespasi, Diomande Lison, Cameroun, groupe Canal+, Fespasi

Les directeurs de festivals présents au Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) s’unissent pour promouvoir le jeune cinéma africain.
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London Art Exhibition Featuring Ethiopian Tribes Tests The Realities of Diversity

Founded by Kay Adekunle Rufai, the exhibition will feature images of rarely photographed tribes from remote regions of Southern Ethiopia with punctuating poems and videos from documentation with the tribes.
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London Based Sierra Leonean Science Graduate Partners With Top West End Restaurateur To Launch New African Supper Club

My African Hob, Sylvia Browne, West African cuisine, Nutrition, Healthy eating

The vision of My African Hob is to provide excellence in African food. This means delicious, innovative and high quality food experiences for all diners.
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Luxor African Film Festival: A la découverte de "Sans Regrets"

Gaston, Abidjan, festival de Louxor, Luxor African Film Festival, Festival du film africain de Louxor, Égypte, cinéma africain, Sans regrets

A la découverte de "Sans Regrets3 par Jaques Trabi.
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LWC Organises Fund Raising at Lynk Cave Bonapriso for Wildlife Protection & Sensitisation

LWC, Wildlife, Animal Protection, Lynk Cave, Jagermeister, Bonapriso, Fund Raising, Douala

We want Cameroon to understand the reality in the loss of biodiversity, to understand the importance of wildlife species and how rare they are becoming because they are not safe from poaching. We still have a small window, but not for very long if we don’t act now”. These are the words of Peggy Motsch, Assistant Manager for Limbe Wildlife Centre, Pandrillus Foundation.
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Melanmag.com - Launching A New Online Lifestyle Magazine For Women of Colour

Melanmag.com, Joy Joses

Melanmag.com was created to supply ‘real and authentic’ content for the millennial woman of colour, and makes no apologies for putting her ‘first’, always.
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Mme Rawlings, candidate aux élections présidentielles au Ghana

Rawlings, élections présidentielles, Ghana, Afrique, femme présidente

Après avoir été, durant deux décennies, la Première Dame du Ghana, Nanar Konadu Agyeman Rawlings a décidé de se porter candidate aux élections présidentielles.
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Myra Maimoh, Multi-Award Winning Afro-soul Singer, Releases Thought-Provoking Video of Her Single, "A No Go Tire"

‘A No Go Tire’ is the first rendering from this vibrant and surprisingly packed album;
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Nawara, premier film d’ouverture du Luxor African Film Festival

Nawara, Ali, festival de Louxor, LAFF, Luxor African Film Festival, Égypte, cinéma africain, Trabi, Sans regrets

Pour la première fois, un film égyptien, Nawara, est diffusé lors du lancement officiel du LAFF.
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New Single, Ngoma – "Ekie"

Ngoma is here with a new subtitle, the G.O.A.T. and a brand new single
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Nigerians Welcome AFWA Support

AFWA, African Fashion Industry, Amsterdam,

AFWA is all about creating job opportunities through fashion, the development of the African fashion industry, the merge of the African and European market and last but not least, alleviate the lives of those suffering from extreme poverty, & encourage talent and handicraft.
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Nightfall - Tombee De La Nuit by Nkanya Nwai

The things some rich people do at night. Night Fall (Tomber De La Nuit) is a Cameroonian story about a Police man's battle against crime and guilt.
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Nipo Skin & ÀSÀKÉOGÉ set to showcase at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

Da Viva X Designers, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

With a passion for intricate cuts and details in construction, Nipo Skin recognizes the need to provide interesting artistic fashionable pieces for every individual that wants to stay in tune with their sense of style and comfort.
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Nkiacha Atemnkeng Wins Ethiopian Airlines’ Prize for Most Consistent Blogger

Ethiopian Airlines, Camer Bloggers Hangout, Nkiacha Atemnkeng, FabAfriq, Writerphillic

The young and dynamic Cameroonian writer and blogger Nkiacha Atemnkeng, an affiliate of FabAfriq’s Camer Bloggers’ Hangout, has been recognized by Ethiopian Airlines for his consistency in publishing the most blog posts about the airline.
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NYFW S2015 : XULY BET and the pop up street fashion show

Lamine and Xuly Bet got noticed during NYFW 2015.
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President Obama Visited The First Ethiopian B787 Dreamliner Dubbed "Africa First"

US president H.E. President Barack H. Obama along with US Government Senators and House of Representatives paid a visit to Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Airline in Africa, during the president’s three days official Visit to Ethiopia, 26 to 28 July 2015.
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Ochala.com set to stock Africa Fashion Week Nigeria designers

Ochala.com partners with AFWN2016 by giving the designers showcasing, an opportunity to reach a wider market by stocking the collection they showcase at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria
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Odion Iraoya's "Rock inspired" featured at the Luxor Africal Film Festival

Rock Inspired, LAFF, Luxor African Film Festival, Egypt, African Cinema, Famous Odion Iraoya

Rock inspired depicts the life of African women. A heart-breaking movie that could not go unnoticed during this Festival.
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Offre d'emploi - Directeur des Systèmes d'Informations, GECA Prospective Afrique de l'Ouest

Offre d'emploi, GECA, Directeur des Systèmes d'Informations,

Le GECA recrute un Directeur des Systèmes d’Informations.
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Omar SY : En France, les acteurs noirs sont presque inexistants dans le cinéma 

France, racisme, Omar SY, cinéma, noirs, Oscars, États-Unis, Chocolat, Césars

Pour la première fois depuis son ascension hollywoodienne, Omar SY s’exprime sur les ravages du racisme dans le cinéma français.
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Pullman Douala Rabingha célèbre la cuisine Française avec Goût de France

Pullman Douala Rabingha, Goût de France, Cuisine Française

Valoriser l’art de vivre à la française, les produits du terroir et plus largement, promouvoir la Destination France à l’international
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Découvrez l'art de la peinture au Artist Playground by Pullman Douala Rabingha

Artist Playground, Pullman Douala Rabingha, Artistes Peintres, Peinture

Venez vivre des sensations inédites et découvrez l’artiste qui est en vous au Artist Playground à Pullman Douala Rabingha.
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Ratu International Festival reporté à la date du 3 au 5 décembre 2015

Au cours des quatre dernières semaines, il ya eu quelques nouveaux développements très passionnants qui ont changé la dynamique actuelle du festival.
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Ethiopian Airlines Is Recruiting: Bilingual Trainee Cabin Crew, Douala Cameroon

Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success. And it attributes this success to its workforce. Take advantage of this prospect and the satisfaction of working from a land of 13 months of Sunshine. Ethiopian welcomes you yet again to join its team in achieving its vision of becoming Africa's World Class Airline
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Rikaoto by Me, Rois & Reine to Showcase at AFWN 2016

Rikaoto by Me, Rois & Reine, AFWN

Rikaoto by Me, Rois & Reine to Showcase at AFWN 2016
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Saint Patrick's day: Celebration Worldwide.

Saint Patrick’s Day is becoming a worldwide celebration, slowly leaving the Religious connotation and getting more into a cultural public celebration as many countries embrace the event through socialization and globalization.
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ShebaMiles Partnerships, a Source of Revenue and Cause for Customer Retention

ShebaMiles, Partnership agreement, Revenue, Customer retention, ShebaMiles members

Give varied opportunity to earn Miles
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Special Features of Ethiopian Airlines A350 XWB

The Airspace by Airbus cabin concept creates more space on board the A350 XWB for its passengers with a sophisticated and signature design that also enables airlines to optimize operational performance.
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Deal Of The Day: Celebrate The Day Of Love At The Amazing Star Land Hotel Douala

Star Land Hotel has been rated the best Hotel in Cameroon on Trip Advisor, so we are offering a romantic package for two to celebrate Valentine's day
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FabAfriq Magazine presents FabAfriq Fashion Show & Expo Boutique

In the last few years, the quest for African-inspired prints has increased and have featured in many high street clothing ranges. On the 21st of July, more than 30 African-inspired designers will be showcasing their work and guests will have the opportunity to purchase clothes, shoes, jewellery, gifts, stationery and homeware.
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Knowledge about Swarovski brand will lead the way forward into a new era of glamorous, personalized creativity and bring a fresh sophisticated elegance to the whole process of ‘personal design’. The art of creating your own customized crystal style.
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The Africa Center Opens Its Doors To The Public: 20th Sept 2014- Free One-Day-Only Arts and Cultural extravaganza

The African Center is the world’s leading civic Africa institution. It is less than 20 minutes from the United Nations and located at One Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue adjoining Harlem, The Africa Center will bridge these disparate local communities and connect them directly with the African continent and its diaspora using intellectual leadership, technology and culture to redefine their relationship.
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Afrcan Ladies Royal Ascot 2017, hats, Ankara, Glamour

Royal Ascot is all about the hats...the glee, the screams, the laughter, the colours, the hats-small, large, perched to the side...
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Bird Flu Epidemic Disrupts the Activities of Restauteurs in Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire, Bird Flu Epidemic, H5N1 virus, Emergency Plan, Financial support, ADB, FAO

To prevent further spread of the disease, the Ivorian government has decided to set up an emergency plan : sixty of the common markets of Abidjan will be inspected and disinfected , the operation is expected to intensify and expand in the rest of the country.
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The City Of Gold

Just 8 kilometers from the centre of Johannesburg lies Gold Reef City. Here, a magnificent theme park and casino offer the widest range of attractions, fun and entertainment for the whole family. A reproduction of a mining town, its exhibits include a train ride tour.
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The Corporate Awards 4th Edition, Rewarding Excellence in the Corporate Scene in Africa

Staying true to its tradition of excellence, FabAfriq PR organised another colourful edition of The Corporate Awards in Senegal, at the prestigious Radisson Blu Dakar Sea Plaza Hotel. The Award ceremony is bigger this year with two gala events: the just ended in Dakar Event and the upcoming Douala , Cameroon Award Ceremony.
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The Returnees: Brand New Video Series

Video series, The Returnees, Cameroonians, Diaspora

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of Cameroonians returning home from the Diaspora. Who are they? Where are they returning from? What are they doing upon return? Find out more from these exciting stories.
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The World Economic Forum has Awarded Ethiopian Airlines the Global Growth Company of 2015 Certificate

Certificate of Global Growth Company of 2015, Economic Forum, Corporate Global Citizenship

Ethiopian is among the 132 of the world most dynamic and high-growth companies which were nominated based on their strength and potential to become global economic leaders.
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Award Winning Political Thriller ‘MONA’ Changes The Landscape of Independent Film Thanks to Two African Filmmakers

Mona, Anthony Abuah, Segilola Ogidan

‘MONA’ is inspired by the actual June 1973 visit of then Portuguese Prime Minister, Dr Marcelo Caetano. The film combines political intrigue with a psychological edge in a multi-layered cinematic experience which is set to excite audiences.
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UK Nollywood Screen Acting Masterclass by Nelson Spyk

A great opportunity for selected applicants to learn acting techniques and be awarded a training certificate.
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How Some Celebs Celebrated The 2015 Val's Day

Some African celebrities could not help but share thier happy moments with us.Omotola and some other celebs posted pictures of their valentine's day.
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Valerie Ayena Signs with Top-noch Fashion Agency in Paris

Valerie Ayena, modelling agency, fashion, catwalk, fashion show

The 2013 Miss Cameroon and cover girl for FabAfriq Magazine Issue 10, has recently signed a contract with CITY Models, one of the most prestigious modelling agencies in Paris.
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Vélo en Bambou, source d’inspiration pour le développement durable et économique en Afrique

Vélo, bambou, Inspiration developpement durable, Ghana, recyclage, Bernice Dapaah, Booomers International, Ghana Bamboo Bikes

La production de bambou au Ghana est très abondante et la fabrication des vélos en bambou est une initiative qui résout plusieurs problèmes, entre autres le changement climatique, la pauvreté, l'exode rural et le chômage élevé dans les zones rurales du Ghana en créant des opportunités d’emploi pour les jeunes.
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Camer Bloggers Hangout: A thrilling Experience with MIss Cameroon USA, Vinielle Acha-Morfaw

Miss Cameroon USA, Vinielle Acha-Morfaw, Kumba, Cancer, Patcha Foundation, Camer Bloggers Hangout

Seeing the Miss raised the bloggers curiosity as not only is she very beautiful but proved to be engaged in her mission as Ambassador for the Patcha Foundation.
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Viola Llewellyn Covers FabAfriq’s Inspirational Issue.

Viola Llewellyn, Ovamba, FabAfriq Magazine, Inspirational Issue, Business Woman

In her interview with FabAfriq Magazine, the bold and fearless Voila encourages every woman to take the bull by the horn and face every challenge with bravery.
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Holding onto Her Vision: Chantal Edie's Reveals her Innermost Love and Passion for Photography

Chantal Edie, Studio XL, Douala, Photography, Edmonda Barbara Guassan

We held onto our Vision, Chantal Edie's dream finally comes true as she realises her ever planned photography project.
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Free Luxury for Two! Win 2 Nights At Le Meridien Hotel Douala:

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Winnie Mandela : Une modèle pour les prochaines générations .

Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela , prison, livre, apartheid,

Très peu connue par la nouvelle génération de femmes leaders, Winnie Mandela est à elle seule un monument , une bibliothèque dont devrait s’inspirer les femmes.
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ZIFF 2016 Announces Film Selection with Strong East African Presence

One of the most exciting developments in this year’s selection is the substantial increase in the quantity and quality of films from Tanzania with the greatest number of entries from Tanzania ever received. Over 40 films were received for competition and this year we have 4 films from Tanzania competing in the Sembene Ousmane Competition.
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