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Cameroon Urban Talent Ale Myz Releases First Ep "Fire" Video

Ale Myz, Cameroon Urban Talent,

“Fire” is the first single from Ale’s upcoming EP which official release will be done in about a month from now. Fire is being aired on multiple media online, various entertainment radio stations and DJs keep jamming the hit.
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Vélo en Bambou, source d’inspiration pour le développement durable et économique en Afrique

Vélo, bambou, Inspiration developpement durable, Ghana, recyclage, Bernice Dapaah, Booomers International, Ghana Bamboo Bikes

La production de bambou au Ghana est très abondante et la fabrication des vélos en bambou est une initiative qui résout plusieurs problèmes, entre autres le changement climatique, la pauvreté, l'exode rural et le chômage élevé dans les zones rurales du Ghana en créant des opportunités d’emploi pour les jeunes.
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New Music Release! Boy Giresse Ft Belvia " Gimme dat mololo"

Boy Giresse's new video is the next big thing in every club. "Gimme dat mokolo" will keep you dancing the whole day!
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The Cameroon Cataract Performance Bond:First ever Development Impact Bond (DIB)

This month marks the launch of an exciting new investment opportunity on Homestrings.com, the award winning crowdfunding platform.
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Ethiopian Airline Malawian Female Pilot Makes First Successful Flight as a Command Captain

Malawian Female Pilot, Ethiopian Airline, Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Captain Yolanda Kaunda became Malawian Airlines first female captain on the Bombardier Q400 aircraft after completing her training at EAA.
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Ethiopian Airlines voted as Best African Cargo Airline of the Year Award

Ethiopian Airlines, Best African Cargo of the Year Award

“Once again the air cargo industry has proven that innovation and customer service go hand in hand with efficient and secure global supply chains. “Ethiopian Airlines is a worthy winner of this award, as recognised by peer group professionals who voted in recognition of its valuable contribution to African air cargo
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International Festival for Business 2016, 2nd Global Convention of Global Visionary Women Network

Gender equality, IFb2016, GVWN, Women in leadership, Girl child

With the objectif of molding today's ordinary woman and girl child in to an outstanding future leader, Dr Forchap and her dynamic team are organizing another global convention this June 22nd to 24th.
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CAMIFF 2016- Showcasing and Promoting Talents in Cameroon Film Industry

Join The Cameroon International Film Festival happening today April 25th 2016 to promote and showcase the great talents in Cameroons movie industry. There is a lot about Cameroon Cinema which is not know to the world. Be part of this movement that will be making history in the Africa and the world.
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London Born Ghanaian Entrepreneur Launches World’s First Global African-Owned Stationery Company

Christopher Osei-Frimpong, Ghana, Ghanaian, Entrepreneur, World's First Global African Stationery Company,

After visiting Ghana in 2014, Chris embraced the culture and core values of Ghanaians and Africans as a whole in the world of business and enterprise. He had an “Aha Moment” during his visit that would change his life which led him to start up a stationery business called A4Africa, which stands for “Africans for Africa''.
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Empowering the Private Sector in Africa: A vital tool to Boom Africa,s Economy

Africa’s private sector is fast growing and is playing a vibrant role in the continents economic growth. Despite some unfavorable Government policies, the private sector still proves to be a vital tool for growth as far as the African economy is concerned.
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