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Cameroonians and Nigerians Marched To Show Their Support For Troops Fighting Boko Haram

Thousands of Nigerians and Cameroonians show support for the troops fighting the Islamist terrorists in the northern part of Nigeria.
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B's Fans Go After Kid Rock for his negative comment on Beyonce!

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Kid Rock made a negative statement about Beyonce which her fans didn't find funny at all.
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Celebs You Didn't Know Bleached Their Skin!

Aside Micheal Jackson's bleaching which was very obvious to everyone,many celebs now show signs of bleaching. when put one or two of their pictures together,you see a great skin color difference. Lets analyse these few celebs!
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10 girls will face off in the new edition of the TV show, vewing to become musician Wax Dey’s number one girl and snatch the cash prize of 5000 dollars and a return ticket overseas.
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Maggi Star Caravan final: Maggi Celebrates Culinary Excellence

In Cameroon, 10 million units of Maggi are consumed every day, and we have therefore decided to enrich this product with iron to help mitigate the effects of this micronutrient deficiency.”
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Celebs and V I P's You didn't Know Were Born In February

we are celebrating everyone born in this Black History month,the month of love.Happy birthday to you all !
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CMA CGM inaugurates Platform in Cameroon

CMA CGM Platform, Douala Port, Imports and Exports Solutions, Ocean Carrier, Container Terminal Transshipment Hub

CMA CGM platform main objective is to reinforce the Group’s presence in Cameroon, offering Cameroon industrials imports and exports solutions with the entire world.
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Caffeinate your health, skin and beauty!

Coffe, Brewed Drink, Melomana, Coffee Beauty Products, Coffee Drinking, Caffeine, Healthy Skin, Medicinal Values

Moderate regular coffee drinking in healthy individuals is either benign or beneficial for people’s health.
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Coming Soon!!! New Single 'A No Go Tire' By Myra Maimoh

E.Clyde Entertainment Announces New Single, “A No Go Tire” from Myra Maimoh, out March 7, 2015
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Have You Ever Seen An African Dance

“Have you ever seen an African Dance?” This prompts whoever is looking to wash their eyes of complacency and to look deep into the dance and its purpose. To see that dance is more than just physical movement, it is the prosthetic that anchors most African life
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