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Advocate For Women In Business - Atiti Sosimi Wants Women To Reclaim Their Power

By having to make a choice players become reflective of how they deal with similar dilemmas in their real lives. Shhh or Tell it soon became more than a family board game and has been used as a team building exercise in corporate settings and for student character development programmes in schools.
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Ethiopian Airline Launches Shopping Tour Package to Manila

A shopping tour package that will help encourage the trader market segment to test the new route.
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FabAfriq PR Présente Ratu International Festival Fashion, Movie & Music

Créer une plateforme de réseautage pour les jeunes Camerounais et de leur donner l’opportunité de se faire connaitre au-delà du territoire national.
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Introducing Ratu International Festival: Fashion, Movie & Music

Ratu Festival has attracted both national and international personalities who are keen on exploiting creativity and create opportunities for networking beyond the national territory.
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Ethiopian to Start Flights to Cape Town and Gaborone

The best African airline "Ethiopian" is adding more travel destination choices and flexibility to its customers as they can now travel to two more towns in Africa.
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Xenophobia in South Africa

“Afrophobia”? “Xenophobia”? “Black on black racism”? Achille Mbembe has a message for South Africans and every person Black skin
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UK’s First Ever Billboard Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation

The passion of Mabel, Kain and the other young people behind this project and their determination to make the world a safer place for others is inspiring and a good demonstration of how together we can end FGM.”
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Wizkid Feat Armel Gabbana _ IMB (Remix)

Armel est actuellement en préparation de son Album qui sortira probablement en Novembre 2015.
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Isossy Children Jade Collection AW2015

Isossy Children continues to offer fashion forward edgy designs for children with the Jade Collection. Each of these pieces effortlessly bring individualised glamour to kids’ wardrobes.
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Les 1 000 premiers jours de la vie au cœur d’une formation organisée par l’Institut Nestlé Nutrition pour l’Afrique (NNIA)

Cours Africain de Nutrition Pédiatrique (CANUP),Institut Nestlé Nutrition pour l’Afrique (NNIA)

Engagée dans la promotion de la nutrition, de la santé et du bien-être des populations, Nestlé est convaincue que les enjeux d’une bonne nutrition reposent non seulement sur la qualité des aliments que nous consommons, mais aussi sur l’identification et la résolution des problèmes allant à l’encontre d’une nutrition optimale.
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