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Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) launches the call for its sixth edition due 2017 from the bureau of the Egyptian Culture Ministry

From August 15, 2016 until December 15, 2016, LAFF should receive films from African countries by African filmmakers except for al-Husseiny Abou-Deif Freedom & Human Rights Competition; films are welcomed from all over the world.
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"Woman Ya Woman" by CHARLY B ft MESHI is Finally Here

Woman Ya Woman, Charly B, Meshi

Woman Ya Woman is a special kind of love song which has the ability to bring out intense emotions and still get you to the dance floor.
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British-Nigerian Entrepreneur Overcomes Depression To Launch UK’s First Nigerian Diaspora Male & Female Pageant

Mr and Miss Nigeria UK, Nigerian Diaspora Community, Entertainment and Event Industry,

Mr and Miss Nigeria UK: "making people happy and giving young people a platform to better themselves, especially young black men and women who don't usually see their beauty celebrated in mainstream UK press.”
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Exciting New Funding Opportunities for the Cocoa Industry from Ovamba

Funding Opportunities, Cocoa Industry, Ovamba, “Growth-As-A-Service”,

Ovamba offers “Growth-As-A-Service”® to businesses in Cameroon: dedicated support and funding to businesses which experience high demand but cannot easily supply that demand due to lack of capital and timing of that much needed capital.
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The Much Anticipated FabAfriq Issue 9 is Here!

FabAfriq Magazine Issue 9, Inspirational Issue,

FabAfriq Issue 9 has pinpointed all those great aspects of Africa which will remain inspiring forever.
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Viola Llewellyn Covers FabAfriq’s Inspirational Issue.

Viola Llewellyn, Ovamba, FabAfriq Magazine, Inspirational Issue, Business Woman

In her interview with FabAfriq Magazine, the bold and fearless Voila encourages every woman to take the bull by the horn and face every challenge with bravery.
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Mega Career and Business Opportunity Summit 2nd Edition 2016

Mega Career, Business Opportunity Summit, Network, Education

The 2nd Edition of the Mega Career will be an opportunity for organisations and the youth to network and get appropriate information on recruitment, professional career and education.
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​ 23 Year Old Entrepreneur Launches The UK’s First Multicultural Hair and Beauty Booking Website

Princess Onitilo, Tress Free, Afro-Caribbean hair, Beauty specialists, Hair & beauty booking services

Tress Free is an innovative hair and beauty website that liberates customers by allowing them to specify exactly what they are looking for and narrow down their search according to location and date.
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Le Festival cinémas d'Afrique dévoile le programme de sa 11e édition

Le Festival cinémas d'Afrique dévoile le programme de sa 11e édition qui se tiendra à la Cinémathèque suisse, au Casino de Montbenon et au Théâtre de verdure à Lausanne du 18 au 21 août 2016.
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